Road Rash (PS1)

Road Rash For the PS1 is a awesome motorbike game however this one is different.

Here’s the score your in a illegal Road Race to win the cash and beat the hell out of those bikers by what object… Chains & fists of course but be careful try to avoid the police and obstacles.  there is a 3DO version as well as a Sega CD version there is 2 players of course and a garage. the style is a bit fantastic and so where the colors and Game Engine. But the controllers and Soundtrack is epic a bit much as you rev up through the streets and break a little also attack the bikers but the soundtrack is what i like there are some cool bands including freaking SoundGarden with Rusty Cage and SuperUnknown. overall this biker game is something to burn rubber for PS1 3DO & Sega CD as well as PC (you get the picture).

i used to play Road Rash 2 for the Mega Drive & i loved it



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