SimCopter (PC)

Guess who goes flying by accident Simcopter for the PC released in 1996 and this game is a bit luke warm. you become a helicopter pilot and must use a helicopter to rescue Sim people and stop crime right away as the design is a bit clunkey also the controls are a bit rough. it’s the first sim game to use simlish and the controversy of gay males!!!.  during developement designer Jacques Servin added a sim human called Himbos (A Bimbo\Male) but Maxis fired Jacques and remove in later copies of the game.  The Design is flawful and it’s hard to fly a helicopter but it also tough to unlock & pic a helicopter much like RC Stunt Copter for PS1 but a bit stupid & funny.

BBUUTT… this game doesen’t have humor you go balistic if your trying to torcher Sim humans and second looking for light is competiving so deal with it.

4/10. (So what that im a Sim Fan my favorite sim game is the the Sims 2!)