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NHL 2003 (PC)

unknown    One of my favourite NHL games and i got the PC version at a op shop.

NHL 2003 by EA Sports is a ice Hockey Game for the 02-03 season which is the same but different. there are some good players and the action is impressive same goes with the music with one of my favourite bands Queens of the stone age ‘No one knows’  however the teams are a bit bright and and the controls are a breeze they also have difficulty to pick and drafts. still you do brawls with a rival player and smash the hell out of a window! and make a few fouls but you get to play the newbies and snapshot the puck out of the computer i think the game is a bit ok. however it’s tricky to get a goal until you get it right and make sure you keep an eye out for players and the scoreboard.on the bright side it was the first instalment of the NHL series to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube. you also do multiplayer with your friends around overall NHL 2003 is a great NHL game but you never known what’s going to hit you.



Plants VS Zombies (PC)



Since digital PC’s Taking over  there is a easy Strategy game with it.

Plants VS Zombies is a game where your plants attack zombies and stay away from them for your brains!  all you do is plant the Plants on the ground and they start attacking the zombies but they have A Lot a Zombies but different ones like Newspaper Zombie and Disco Zombie who said Disco is dead! however if you keep going to finish the game it’s gets harder. on the bright side you get over 47 Plants & a man name Crazy Dave He have a cooking pot on his head which is good to stay away from Zombies but HE IS ALLWAYS CRAZY!!!. There are MiniGames like Nut Bowling and Vasebreaker The design is fair and the graphics are 2D who knew it was released on many Platforms Including the PSvita. but it’s quite good the creators of Zuma and Bejeweled has done well and fair played.

I remember the Time i used to played it at OSHC and everyone gather around because games are getting better and brighter and everyone enjoyed theres even a Comic Book of it as well. Plants VS Zombies is a good Classic but still Modern for new players around.