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Road Rash (PS1)

Road Rash For the PS1 is a awesome motorbike game however this one is different.

Here’s the score your in a illegal Road Race to win the cash and beat the hell out of those bikers by what object… Chains & fists of course but be careful try to avoid the police and obstacles.  there is a 3DO version as well as a Sega CD version there is 2 players of course and a garage. the style is a bit fantastic and so where the colors and Game Engine. But the controllers and Soundtrack is epic a bit much as you rev up through the streets and break a little also attack the bikers but the soundtrack is what i like there are some cool bands including freaking SoundGarden with Rusty Cage and SuperUnknown. overall this biker game is something to burn rubber for PS1 3DO & Sega CD as well as PC (you get the picture).

i used to play Road Rash 2 for the Mega Drive & i loved it



Speed Freaks (PS1)


Who loves this kart racer on ps1 i do.

Speed freaks for the PS1 is a cool Kart Racer as you play 6 racers who like kart racing but different stories as you race with 5 racers and show what you mama gave you…burn rubber of course. The style is clear but Cartoonful  and the controllers are dead good you take on many tracks like at a fair a island and a future city. there is a mode called time trial to beat records but you might need a memory Card to Save your Progress and the Tournament. you can also play multiplayer if you have friends with a freaking Multi tap Adapter. there is a fact that speed freaks was called speed punks in the US also there are working titles like Project SDR” and “Wheelnuts. also get lucky to find the game because in the intro the song from the intro is “Travelling Without Moving” by Jamiroquai (C) overall it’s a cool wacky kart game for PS1 fans or want to just have fun with 3D racing you might try it yourself and enjoy the races.

also one of my favorite PS1 Games of all time!.