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The Simpsons Skateboarding (PS2)

Why is this game so bad?  Here’s the score you take a Tony Hawk Game And put a bit of The Simpsons then you have…This!

the game has a bitter Storyline and a Few Skaters from the TV show  all you have to do is jump Kickflip Grind Catch Some air and last do goals at the start you have 4 simpsons Family Members pick one and start away with Skillz School (It’s in the Game) if you Complete a goal you Only Get 10 Cents!… im not kidding every goal you did complete you get 10 cents Damm it but on the bright side you finish it and off to the Skate Tour  also same with Goal Completed and 10 cents there is a few bugs and the design is a bit OK  but the biggest Goal Ever is Win 99 bucks and that sucks overall i give the story away (a little) everyone don’t like this game back in 2002 when everyone glue there eyes to GTA vice city & Ratchet & Clank and last Battlefield 1942 the best FPS of the year! so get stacked  Code Monkey even though you made Worms World Party & Astroids for Gameboy. thanks a bunch,,,

Also you need protection for this game yeash